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Mano Parrillero Rotisserie


Mano Parrillero Rotisserie

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Mano Parrillero Rotisserie


A rotisserie thought and designed for all lovers of a great barbecue, achieve flavors from another world with our Mano Parrillero, a rotisserie.

Grill equipped with two side sections, it has a chassis with wheels, which allows its transport. The Mano Parrillero has a level system that allows to raise and lower the stainless steel grills, in addition to having refractory concrete walls, which refract the heat of the charcoal located in the charcoal grill; it has a door that creates a protective barrier against the heat that is concentrated in the fire zone of the grill, in addition to a fat holder to collect the juices of the meats.


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